To Gym Or Not To Gym? That Is The Question

The gyms have been open for over a month now; have you embraced it with open arms or continued working out at home?

As with anything covid-related, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty around how to view the gym.

Is it safe? Should we go back, get stronger and healthier? Or should we avoid it and stay at home?

There’s no right or wrong answer but it is interesting to see how people have been reacting.

A recent survey announced that just 31% of gym members have returned to their gym since the lockdown ended, and 59% of the 5,055 surveyed have cancelled or are considering cancelling their memberships.

Interestingly, this goes alongside Boris’s emphasis on the importance of staying fit and healthy to help fight the virus.

impact of covid19 on gyms

Statistics from Run Repeat

So why is it that almost 70% of people haven’t returned to the gym?

Here are some of the reasons why some people have stayed at home...

  • Realisation that you can achieve just as much at home, without the commute and cost
  • Uncertainty around if the gym will be clean Lack of fresh and circulating air
  • Sharing weights with others
  • Concern that other members won’t socially distance properly

But of course, there’s something to be said for the energy and atmosphere which comes from going to the gym. You might feel encouraged by the others around you. Paying a monthly subscription might encourage you to use it more. Or you might like the variety of equipment & heavy weights which it can offer.

Is it worth it though?

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